Cycle 9 – Now Open!

We are back for Cycle 9 of FAD Fashion & Designs.  This month we are in a brand new location with a brand new layout and our theme is encompassing all things festive.


Light the Way is all about festive lights, warm chunky knitwear and beautiful boots.  We have nine fantastic designers participating, so don’t delay – come and check out some of the fantastic exclusives we have on sale.


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Mix & Match with Style

FAD Fashion & Designs is proud to support newer designers in Second Life and those who have only recently found their creative flare.  One such designer is Iseult McPherson, and I was lucky enough to get a chance to blog one of the fantastic outfits she has on sale at FAD right now.

I.M. Collection_Med

The Eliza dress is an I.M. Collection exclusive to FAD and is fantastic for this seasons wardrobe.  Mixing fabrics and creating a sophisticated contrast, this dress is perfect to be worn casually, or dressed up.

IM Collection

Available in four colours – black, red, orange and purple, this dress with buttons and a belt shows just enough leg for most women.  In the shot above I have decided to glam up the dress with heels  and some chunky accessories.  The purple dress is quite a statement and although it is still very feminine, it was nice to put on an outfit that wasn’t overtly sexy for a change.

IM Collection 2

The red and black share the same design, as do the orange and purple.  All of the dresses have a fabulous animal print skirt, which is very on trend this season.

All of Iseult’s designs are creative and a little out of the box compared with the many cookie cutter designers in Second Life, which makes her creations unique and exciting.

Pick up the Eliza dress or one of I.M. Collection’s other creations at FAD Fashion & Designs event today.


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Red or Dead?

FAD Fashion and Designs is well underway and we have some fantastic items for you to buy, many of which are 100% exclusive – not available anywhere else on the grid right now.

One such designer is the fabulous Luna Body Art.

.__LUNA__. Body Art Logo 1024

Luna is the creation of the talented Lua Vendetta, a veteran designer, creator, model and blogger in Second Life and I was thrilled when she decided to participate in this round of FAD.

The event theme this cycle is Summer’s Sunset, a goodbye to the warmer weather and a welcome to autumn and all it brings.  Our monthly colour is red and Lua’s exclusive creation for us is Red Mood.  A series of gorgeous red nail designs that pretty much work for any occasion.

Luna Body Art Blog Post

There are some beautiful detailed nails that give an almost oriental feel, there are some sophisticated designs too for those looking for something formal and if that isn’t enough, there is a fantastic red to black faded design which is perfect for this time of year and would go nicely with any Halloween costume.

FAD Fashion & Designs event is open until 19th November 2017 and with a selection of designers, both new and old, it is well worth visiting.

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Landmark to FAD Fashion & Designs event
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FAD Open For Business

Finally FAD Fashion & Designs returns to Second Life with a small, but perfectly formed group of designers and brands.

With a brand new location and store, FAD is ready to take its place in the shopping event universe that SL has become. But what sets this event aside from the rest you ask?

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Well FAD is themed every month with a unique style and colour. This reopening round is themed Summer’s Sunset, a farewell to the warmer months. Our colour of the month is red.

We have some gorgeous mesh floral pieces created by Kaerri, a cute lace bustier produced by Ashmoot, a season perfect sweater dress from Blossom and a cute floral underwear set by Me Sew Sexy, plus much more.

Don’t forget to join our group in-world and to watch this space for more reviews on FAD items and designers.  Happy shopping!


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FAD Is Back!

After a long hiatus, FAD Fashion & Designs shopping event is back – bigger and better, sponsored by Me Sew Sexy clothier.  FAD is a themed event open to designers of fashion, accessories, furniture, animations, poses and more.

Picking up where we left off, Cycle 8 opens on 24th October 2017.  Make sure you visit to see some of the fantastic designers Second Life has to offer.

Make sure you join our in-world group to keep up to date with whats going on and when.

If you are a designer interested in participating, please send a message or a note card in-world to Jude Tatham.

We are looking for bloggers!  Do you have a popular, interesting blog where you don’t just wear the clothes, you enhance them?  Then we need you!  Grab a blogger application form, or contact Jude Tatham in-world.


Sabrina Fair

With only 48 hours until this current round of FAD closes its doors for set up of Round 7, this is my last post for the cycle.

Today I am wearing one of FAD’s newer designers, FurtaCor and I have to say designer Marinahh Mayako has really embraced the theme.  I present to you Sabrina, a fantastically versatile woollen dress, available in several colours, it is perfect for the colder months and also looks great!

FAD - FurtaCor - Sabrina Dress, Rainbow Pink FAD - FurtaCor - Sabrina Dress, Rainbow Green FAD - FurtaCor - Sabrina Dress, Classic Petroleo FAD - FurtaCor - Sabrina Dress, Classic Viridian Green FAD - FurtaCor - Sabrina Dress, Reindeer FAD - FurtaCor - Sabrina Dress, Military Green

There are six sets to choose from, each set comprising two different colors of similar design.  I honestly couldn’t decide which I liked best and gave myself the challenge of styling all 12 dresses for you, but as you can see above I failed and could only bring you six.  Colors include Berry, Beet, Sangria, Rainbow Green and of course our color of the month, Viridian Green.  Patterns include stripped, combat/camouflage, and my personal favorite Reindeer.  There is something for everyone here!

With only a short amount of time left before these dresses are gone for good, get over to FAD now and shop till you drop!

Style Card
All images show FurtaCor Sabrina Dress
Image 1 – Rainbow Pink
Image 2 – Rainbow Green
Image 3 – Classic Petroleo
Image 4 – Classic Viridian Green
Image 5 – Reindeer
Image 6 – Military Green

(All accessories, hair and poses are models own)

Let’s Play Ball

I am not a sporty person – there I said it.  I don’t participate in any sports, I don’t watch sports and I don’t generally wear sports clothing.  But in SL all that changed when I discovered this designer and now I am ready to slip on my running shoes and get physical!

I am  of course talking about the fantastic brand You Play Ball Like A Girl (YPBLAG) and the go getting designer EnaRoane.  This round of FAD Ena has produced a really fantastic Capri and sweater set, with matching scarf named Fall Into Place.  Available in Brick, Mono, Oak, Orchid, Sage and Storm and comes in plain Capris with a patterned sweater.  This is perfect casual wear for the cooler months and isn’t just for the sporty minded of us.  In the images below I have given it two different looks, but really, like with many outfits in this rounds collection, there are lots of options on how to dress this outfit up.

FAD - YPBLAG - Fall Into Place 2

FAD - YPBLAG - Fall Into Place

FAD is closing in just 5 short days and there are so many fantastic items on sale for this season.  There is a fantastic group gift and many designers are offering items at discounted prices.  So don’t delay, head on over to FAD and shop till you drop!

Style Card
Image 1 – YPBLAG – Fall Into Place, Orchid
Image 2 – YPBLAG – Fall Into Place, Mono

Tip Top Terrific!

It has taken me a week to write this blog, simply because my real life just keeps interrupting – how rude!  So hold onto your hats, as this is a big one ;D

For this round of FAD we asked our designers to create something warm and cosy, but stylish and on trend for our Fall Down & Wrap Up theme and they certainly delivered.

First up is one of my personal favourite designers and close friend, Me Sew Sexy with their gorgeous turtle neck poncho.  The design of the poncho has an almost tartan feel to it and is available in not two, not five, but seven colours!

The sizing is generous, so I didn’t have to alter my shape as I often find necessary with capes and ponchos in SL and what I love is the versatility – you can dress it up, or go casual with a pair of jeans.  I am wearing it in black in the image, dressed up with a pencil skirt and heels. FAD - MSS - Poncho

Next up is Trinite’ and this round she is bringing us her GG Jacket with draped under-layer top.  This zipped jacket has an almost quilted effect and is yet again available in lots of colours from Wine to Sapphire.  Below I am wearing it in Licorice, paired up with some ripped jeans and boots.

FAD - Trinite - GG Jacket in Licorice

The next top I am wearing is perfect for day-to-day wear and is the layered sweater by Zalea.  This cosy and comfy looking top would work great with jeans, leggings or even a skirt.  It would also look fantastic with a warm scarf and your favourite pair of boots.  I am wearing it in Rust, but it is available also in Berry or Veridian.  I am sure you will agree this is an absolute staple for any wardrobe.

FAD - Zalea - Layered Sweater in Rust

Last, but by no means least I present to you the Karol Fur Coat by Vanessa.  This coat screams vintage outer wear to me and because of that it is quickly becoming one of my favourite pieces in this round.  It is a simple jacket with large shawl lapel in a contrasting colour on the front.  The jacket comes in four colours, I am wearing White.  Again this can be dressed up or down and would look equally at home over a cute vintage dress or paired with some jeans and heels.

FAD - Vanessa - Karol Fur Coat

I am sure you will agree we are spoilt for choice at FAD this month, so do head on over and try these terrific tops out for yourself.


Style Card
Image 1  – MSS – Poncho, Black
Image 2 – Trinite’ – GG Jacket, Licorice
Image 3 – Zalea – Layered Sweater, Rust
Image 4 – Vanessa – Karol Fur Coat, White

(All other accessories are models own)

Everything and Nothing

Rememberance Blog

I always intended to keep this blog all about FAD, but I can’t help but use it occasionally as a place to share my views and opinions.  Usually I try to keep any strong views to myself and stay pretty neutral and non judgemental, however as artificial as SL can be, we are real people with real thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I cannot blog today without mentioning the recent violence in Paris.  As many of you know I am based in the UK and as France is our nearest European neighbour, all this violence feels a little too close for comfort.  Unfortunately these kinds of acts are taking place everyday in middle eastern countries such as Syria and Egypt, but when this kind of violence creeps further west, rightly or wrongly it seems to have a more profound effect.  Over the past few months the flight of refugees has filled the news and it is impossible to ignore the horrific conditions people across the world are having to endure and now with these recent attacks in Paris, the UK is on high alert too.  On top of all this, during this past week much of the world has been remembering those who fought and lost their lives in conflict over the years.

The point of this message is only to say that now is a time for unity and to support everyone around the world affected by these horrific acts by people with a total disregard for human life.  Our lives are so precious and are over in the blink of an eye, so appreciate what you have and lets celebrate life and not let these monsters make everything about death.

Be safe.

Wow it’s Vowtte!

Since you went away the days grow long, and soon i’ll hear old winter’s song.
But I miss you most of all my darling, when autumn leaves start to fall.
~ Autumn Leaves, by Joseph Kosma ~

Monday is here already and I spent most of my day baking our Christmas cake.  I make it nice and early and then feed it around once a week with some brandy or similar, and then by the time we come to eat it at Christmas it is rich and moist and (hopefully) delicious.  Autumn is such a beautiful month, but because I love Christmas so much, this season is lost on me in a way as I am planning and organising for the festivities at the end of December.  I would say this is because I am a wife and mother now, but in truth I have always been this way, wishing the days, weeks and months to fly by.  It is sad really because autumn is such a visual month, the world around us changes spectacularly and prepares for the imminent colder months.  I suppose we should all slow down and enjoy each day, week and month as it comes.  Life is too short to long for tomorrow, make the most of today.

So with that in mind, I push Christmas, cakes and all things festive out of my mind (and my blog) for now and turn my attention back to more important things – FAD.  Today I would like to introduce a brand which I am new to, but already a big fan of, Vowtte.

Vowtte designer, Estefani Avril, has brought us two fantastic items, perfectly suited to this months theme at FAD.  First up is a lovely textured tunic with leggings named Akiko.  This mesh outfit comes with a HUD containing 8 colour combinations and several versions of the two piece in classic and fit mesh, plus an option for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink bodies.  I have to say in all honesty that I love this outfit and some of the styles shown below have been saved into my SL appearance tab.  It just makes me want to curl up in front of a fire with a mug of cocoa.

 FAD - Vowtte - Akiko Tunic with Leggings 1

FAD - Vowtte - Akiko Tunic with Leggings 2

FAD - Vowtte - Akiko Tunic with Leggings 3

FAD - Vowtte - Akiko Tunic with Leggings HUD

Next up is Esther, a two toned rolled neck sweater.  I pared it with jeans, but it would look great with a skirt, leggings or anything!  Again there is a HUD with 8 colour choices and the aforementioned different versions to fit all shapes.

FAD - Vowtte - Esther Rolled Neck Sweater

FAD - Vowtte - Esther Rolled Neck Sweater HUDStyle Card
Image 1, 2 & 3 – Vowtte – Akiko Tunic and Leggings
Image 4 – Vowtte – Esther Rolled Neck Sweater

(Accessories and hair models own)